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40th annual meeting - Dubrovnik - Croatia

Dear colleagues

Welcome to the home page of the 2014 meeting of the International Academy for Sex Research. We mark in this year the 40th renewal of our commitment to the sciences of sexuality, to the mentorship of colleagues, and to our common cause in serving others through knowledge. This meeting continues the now four decades-long traditions of representing the best of contemporary sexual science, respectful dialogue, and subversion of ignorance and stigma.

Our fortieth meeting is the culmination of much hard work by our local hosts, and by many members of the Academy. The colleagues who fill the program are representative of the many disciplines of the Academy. We will be truly international with scientists attending from around the world. In Dubrovnik, we will breathe the air of hundreds of generations of people’s history. I hope their stories, and the beauty of the surroundings, will inspire all of us to renew the spirit of the Academy for the next forty years.

Best wishes for the year, and I look forward to seeing each of you in Dubrovnik!

J. Dennis Fortenberry

President, IASR (2013-2014)

If I may add a few words to the IASR president’s greetings, I’d like to wish you a warm welcome to Dubrovnik, that marvelous and exciting crux of the much Mediterranean and Croatian history. Although neither Dubrovnik or Croatia are known for sex research, I have no doubts that you will enjoy this anniversary meeting—most likely in more than one way. There are a few things one should remember about the Mediterranean art of everyday life. Go about your business in a laid back, relaxed manner. This does not mean that you are not serious, just that you know life (and are prudent enough to avoid the blazing sun). Enjoy with all your senses, but pace your gratification (Dubrovnik can be financially taxing for naive tourists). Finally, do not miss this opportunity to mix work with fun by combining your summer holidays with the IASR meeting. The islands in the area are particularly gorgeous and mindfulness-conducing.

When in Dubrovnik, do as the good people of Dubrovnik do—enjoy in a good measure. And remember, refrain from making any important decisions when the sirocco winds blow.

Until soon,
Aleksandar Štulhofer
Dubrovnik 2014 IASR Meeting Host


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Phone : +385 20 200 000


Aleksandar Stulhofer, PhD
Professor of Sociology
Sexology Unit, Chair
Dept. of Sociology
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences University of Zagreb



Sarah Bell (USA)
Sophie Bergeron (Canada)
Gabriel Bianchi (Slovakia)
Henny Bos (The Netherlands)
Lisa Diamond (USA)
J. Paul Fedoroff (Canada)
Katherine Goldey (USA)
Deborah Herbenick (USA)
Heather Hoffmann (USA)
Lisette Kuyper (The Netherlands)
Charlotta Löfgren-Mårtenson (Sweden)
Marta Meana (USA)
Jason Mitchell (USA)
David Moskowitz (USA)
Margaret Rosario (USA)
Aleksandar Štulhofer (Croatia)
Kelly Suschinsky (Canada)
Jacques van Lankveld (The Netherlands)
Paul Vasey (Canada)


J. Dennis Fortenberry
Professor of Pediatrics
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